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The Watching Trees

The Watching Trees

This trees are always 'Watching You' Is an affordable piece, fun, elegant and handcrafted by the artist. Couldn"t get better!

Matt Laminated 240g Satin paper.

With Hand- Finished Metallic gradient of Gold-Chrome background. 

50x50 cm including a generous 5cm white border for framing options.

It comes with a certificate of authenticy by the artist!


Metallic paints usually take the shades and tones of the surrundings melting this piece in any wall colour or deco.


Introducing my new idea to make Art having fun: Posters!

Is it only me or art posters are being upgraded in the art market? I am the artist, Art and Quality are guaranteed to an extreme!. Making art at lower price brings it possible to you all.



    Posters Or Art Prints -

    Basically both are Printed Wall Art, both can be a print from original art and both can have high image and paper quality to ensure longevity.


    What's The Difference? 

    Fine Art Prints usually are Limited Editions of the original piece making them more unique.

    Giclee Art papers have a higher cost and they are Cotton made.

    Posters when laminated are more resistant to dirt and water making them more durable than art prints.

    Posters are typically reproduce to the mass but is all about how you appreciate it. Where and how you place it around your living space.

    Are Posters Considered Art?

    Posters are one of the cheapest ways to bring art to walls.

    But can posters be considered art?




    CK is a Return and Refund policy. I’m a great place to let my buyers know what to do in case they are dissatisfied with their purchase. My prints are in Limited Edition - please make sure you are happy with your choice as they have been made to order in a small quantity already. And will take me extra costs to print just one more.


    The Artwork is printed and prepared after your order is placed. It leaves CK ART Studio in 3-5 working days. We use Royal Mail Tracked and sometimes curriers depending on weight

    Hand delivery free around East London area or to your door by Royal mail tracked  

    WORLDWIDE add 5-10 WORKING DAYS by Royal Mail Tracked & Signed 


    For speed and a wider variety of frame choice, I recommend you to use your local framer. It will always look better.
    I am not a framing shop but as an Artist and Designer my art prints come ready to frame in standard sizes. I can also recommend a readymade modern frame 2cm wide in white, oak or black colour as an easy and economic but good option. If you would like to frame the print yourself you can choose size ‘frames’ options online at Desenio or more contemporary at Nicola Spring. 


    Not to bend this thick paper is very important. Never hang your artworks under strong direct light for colours preservation. Humidity is a big enemy of all Art pieces being stained or yellish. 
    Ask for a Special Gift wrap, personalized CK card and deliver.

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